Makü was established by a small team of like-minded people who love working with natural materials and believe in ‘making use, not waste’. Makü combines these two passions – everything we create is designed to make use of pre-consumer waste. Working with wholesalers and the production chain, we seek out wonderful natural materials to inspire our product ranges.

We launched our first products – limited edition rugs and slippers – in Spring 2021. These ranges give purpose to beautiful leather and sheepskins the fashion industry so readily discards. No two rugs are identical. Our slipper models are only produced in limited editions, with the batch size being determined entirely by the amount of leather or sheepskin available. Wherever possible, nothing is further dyed or treated – we try to use what we find, as we find it.

There are many reasons for pre-consumer waste: non-standard format (think 'wonky veg'!), cancelled orders, miscalculated quantities, design alterations, changes in colour choice… the list is endless. Sheepskins may simply be rejected because of natural blemishes or colour variations from the dying process. Their beauty is not diminished, nor is their usefulness… these are just what makes each piece unique.

At Makü we aim to give these wonderful, overlooked natural materials new purpose, creating beautiful products for you to use and enjoy.