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PATIQ Chestnut Leather slippers are a new take on our popular soft-sole model. As with our previous batches they are light, flexible and designed to wrap your feet snugly – but with this batch we’ve swapped our usual suede soles for an equally flexible thin textured EVA finish.

PATIQ Chestnut slippers are made from leather seconds with a beautiful dark brown sheen. They have extremely cosy sheepskin inners, with hidden wool felt cushioning underfoot. Rather than our usual fluffy Toscana, for this batch we have used a short variegated grey sheepskin which pairs beautifully with the warm tones of the leather outers.

Our PATIQ is model is inspired by the traditional soft-sole slippers of Central Asia and is designed to wrap your foot and flex comfortably with every step.

Although more resilient to moisture than our regular suede soles, the thin EVA soles used for this batch mean they are not suitable for more than a careful step outdoors. As an alternative, you may wish to take a look at our POLIN Snake Print slip-on batches which have thicker textured waterproof EVA soles.