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Sheepskin cushion cover in triangular pattern of black + grey with fuchsia detail

Size approximately 40cm x 60cm

Our TRIANGLE cushion covers come in a range of colourful geometric patterns and are a unique way to brighten up your living space. The cushion fronts are handmade from beautifully soft waste sheepskin, using small offcuts for the triangles whenever possible. TRIANGLE cushion covers have a lovely soft black leather back to ensure they are a long-lasting addition to any home.

TRIANGLE cushion covers are also good at reducing waste in other ways as they’re designed to take old pillows rather than new cushion pads. Simply reshape a pillow that’s lost its 'oomph', plump up, pop inside one of our luxurious covers and voila! We’ll be adding a guide on how to rejuvenate and adapt your old pillows to our website very soon.