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PATIQ SLATE + NATURAL / Limited edition slippers

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PATIQ Slate + Natural are super cosy addition to our range of soft-sole PATIQ slippers – made from the same soft suede sheepskin offcuts we used for our MERDANA Slate + Natural batch. We have kept costs down for these handmade slippers too with a simple sheepskin cuff - which you can wear turned up for extra warmth.

With their soft, flexible suede soles PATIQ Slate + Natural are light and flexible. What’s more, they are all natural – with extremely cosy sheepskin inners and hidden wool felt cushioning underfoot. 

PATIQ are inspired by the traditional soft-sole slippers of Central Asia and are designed to wrap your foot snugly, flexing comfortably with every step.

Over time, the suede soles will develop a patina which will tolerate small amounts of moisture, though we do not recommend wearing PATIQ in a wet environment. As an alternative, you may wish to take a look at our PATIQ Snakeprint batches that have thin EVA soles, or our POLIN, MERDANA and ZENNA models which all have textured, waterproof EVA soles.